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We maximise your potential.
Westcountry Land delivers the highest possible return for landowners.

We do this by determining the most valuable use of the land, whether that is residential, commercial or a combination of uses.

We research and examine every opportunity; each site is appraised and evaluated before we assess and present the best options available to the landowner. We focus on maximising the financial potential and are not tied to any specific uses so will promote whatever use attracts the best return.

How the process works

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Do you have land?

Do you want to achieve the highest possible return?

Please get in touch with us and we will listen carefully to your objectives and then provide advice on the best way to achieve your goals in the current marketplace. Rest assured that we will help you every step of the way. The world of planning and land development can be extremely complex and difficult to negotiate. We will make the journey simple and straightforward for you, so you can say goodbye to all the stress and look forward to enjoying the highest possible return on your land.


Make the most out of your land

Westcountry Land always delivers the maximum return for landowners. At the outset, we determine the most valuable use of your land, whether that is residential, commercial or a combination of uses.

Unlike some developers, we are not tied to any specific use and we will carry out a rigorous independent assessment of all the options, focussing on optimising the financial potential for landowners.

Each site is fully appraised and evaluated before we present the best options available to you, providing advice on land development and sale.

We will clearly set out our recommendations for the site, together with our view of the likelihood of achieving planning permission at an early stage.

We only commit to projects that we are confident will be successful and have a good chance of gaining a planning consent.


Choose the arrangements that suit you best

At Westcountry Land, we never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every single site is different and every landowner’s circumstances are unique. So we offer tailored contracts and agreements to suit individual landowners.

We aim to maximise our landowners’ net return on their land ownership, so we will meet with you personally to offer commercial valuation and planning advice, taking all factors into account.

Typically, we will use one of a range of contracts to acquire and secure our position on any site, such as;

  • Option agreement
  • Promotion agreement
  • Conditional contract
  • Outright, unconditional purchase

The choice of contract is down to your own personal preference and the nature of the site.


Know exactly where you stand

Westcountry Land is run by John and Justin and all matters are handled personally by them; there is no board of directors or third parties required to authorise any agreements. As a landowner, you deal directly with the decision makers. That means that when we shake hands on a land deal, you know exactly where you stand.

We believe in transparency and are well known for our jargon-free, straight talking and personal approach.

In a complex marketplace with so many stereotypes; our clients tell us that we are a breath of fresh air.

We work with a range of professional consultants across the South West. We go the extra mile to give each and every one of our sites the best chance of success, using our in-house expertise and experience.

When you work with us, you will experience a level of personal service, passion and dedication that is quite rare in the development industry.

If you want an honest, professional assessment of your land and would like us to optimise your return, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For an honest, straightforward professional team to
optimise your land's value, please get in touch.

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