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Motivated by getting the best outcome – whether financial or legacy – we are highly experienced at delivering the highest possible return for landowners. We maximise potential by meticulously researching and examining every opportunity meaning we can determine the most valuable use of the land, whether that’s residential, commercial, or a combination of uses. Our culture is centered on building lasting relationships and we take great pride in everything we accomplish for our clients. We love what we do, and we are as tenacious and determined as we were the day we started our business, over ten years ago.

If you’re a landowner in the West Country looking to achieve the highest possible return, we’re here to help you achieve your objectives and provide the best advice on how to achieve your goals in the current market place. We’re here to make the whole process stress free and straightforward, taking on the complex negotiations on your behalf.

We know that each and every project is as unique as the customer and we provide a bespoke service tailoring contracts and agreements to suit the individual landowner. We will use one of the following contracts to acquire and secure our position on any site:

  • Option agreement
  • Promotion agreement
  • Conditional contract
  • Outright, unconditional purchase

The choice of contract is down to your own personal preference and the nature of the site.
For an honest, professional assessment of your land please do not hesitate to contact us.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with how I was treated – they took time to get to know me and my family and showed a genuine interest in us all, which helped to build trust and help me feel more assured I was going to be looked after. The word I would use to describe them is ‘gentlemen’ – I know it’s probably a bit old fashioned but I cannot speak highly enough of them, it really was a pleasure to do business with them.”

Anne Glasson

“How refreshing it is to work with developers who do exactly what they say they’re going to do. John and Justin pursued the deal with drive and determination to get the very best result for us. They gave us regular updates and were transparent in their dealings. They made the deal straight forward and stress free. We would definitely work with them again.”

Donald and Annie Hubbard

“I’d describe John and Justin as being excellent to deal with. I felt from the outset they would do a good job and as far as I am concerned they have. They’ve done things extra and in addition to our agreement and they have always taken my interests into consideration. You have to put your trust in somebody in this world and I felt happy to trust them.”

Brian White

“From drawing up the initial sketches to the point at which planning permission was granted, Westcountry Land & Homes handled everything. This took all the stresses we had previously associated with the planning process well away from us, leaving us to concentrate on our core business which would have suffered otherwise. In short, I would recommend John & Justin to anyone with strategic land that they wish to realise.”

Mark Tomlinson