Homes refused planning permission at Truro even though locals didn’t care

A proposed development of five new homes in Truro has been refused planning permission – despite not attracting a single objection from the public.

Plans had been submitted to Cornwall Council for the development of five detached homes on land at Treglennick, Truro. Under the plans, the two-storey homes would have had a “contemporary design” and all would have had an integral garage and on-site parking. 

The proposals had attracted objections from Truro City Council, which said the site was in “open countryside that should be protected and there should be no further development past the current property”. City councillor Maurice Vella said the plans were also in breach of the Truro and Kenwyn Neighbourhood Plan.  He said: “What is the point in having a neighbourhood plan if it is going to be ignored?”

However planning officers told the central sub-area planning committee that the development was considered to be “rounding-off” existing development in the area. They also highlighted that the neighbourhood plan allowed for housing development “well integrated by means of scale, location and character of Truro” and said on that basis the development could be supported.

A spokesman for the applicant said the application had been unusual as it was one which had not attracted any objections from the public. No members of the public raised objections to the proposal for five detached houses at Treglennick.