Plans for 42 homes at Mawnan draws dozens of objections

REVISED plans for a large housing development in Mawnan Smith are “unnecessary and unwanted” according to many objectors. More than 80 letters against the 42-home scheme by Westcountry Land & Homes have been received by Cornwall Council.

Plans for 42 homes at Mawnan drew dozens of objections. CSA Architects have drawn up the proposals for 21 affordable properties and 21 open market ones off Sampys Hill. As a result of discussions with planners, changes have been made to the layout, spreading the affordable homes across the site and two of the properties will be bungalows instead of two-storey houses. In addition, many of the homes have been reduced in height and scale. But this has not been enough to satisfy many of the opponents, who claim it does not address issues relating to surface water drainage or traffic. 

They believe it will cause more flooding to properties below the site. Retired builder Jack Paget, writing to the council, said: “The soakaway system (proposed) will work for an initial period, but I am convinced … the problem of surface water run-off will return as an even bigger issue.” And the fact the site is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) has upset some residents. However, most of the objectors say there is no evidence the development is needed or wanted. They said schemes at Castle View Park and Elgin Close prove this, as there has been difficulty in selling the properties.

Allan Evans told the council: “Castle View Park’s mixture of affordable and open market houses are unwanted, unsold, unfinished. Lessons should be learnt from this. There are currently a mixture of low cost houses, flats and open market homes in the village that are not selling.” Louise Smith said: “This development is not supported by the community, demonstrated by the number of local objection letters and the backlash by the public.”

And Mr and Mrs Kirkham said: “The development of houses in this village should be an opportunity for people to decide what they want for the future. It is important to make sure any development is necessary and sustainable to ensure the village is not left with a white elephant.” Both Cornwall Council’s AONB unit and the Campaign for Rural England have objected to the location of the scheme.

However, there are supporters of the scheme, who feel it will bring younger people into the village which will benefit the local businesses and organisations.