Plans for 42 homes in Mawnan Smith approved at appeal

A cross-subsidy development for 42 homes in Mawnan Smith has been approved at a planning appeal.

The application by John Schuttkacker for Goldmartin Field was refused by Cornwall Council earlier this year. It said the development would be in a prominent position within the area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), that the scale was disproportionate and would be detrimental and would result in the loss of high-quality agricultural land.

The outline application received 98 letters of objection and 17 in support and was not supported by Mawnan Parish Council.  Among the objections was the lack of need for affordable or open market housing, no exceptional circumstance sufficient to justify the proposal within the AONB and that the scale was too large. The inspector was told that Cornwall Council’s Homechoice register has around 40 people on it with a qualifying local connection to Mawnan Smith. Half of the homes in this development would be affordable, with 70 per cent rented accommodation and the rest shared ownership.

Inspector Chris Preston said there was “significant local need for affordable housing within the village” that cannot be met by developing sites that fall outside of the AONB. He said: “I am satisfied the site is the most suitable location of those put forward to meet the pressing need, and that the design and location of the site is sensitive to the landscape. The proposal would also bring sustainable economic benefits for the rural community through construction and through on-going support for local shops and services stemming from the additional population.”  

The developer was happy to enter a legal agreement to contribute towards affordable housing, education, open space, the diversion of the public right of way that passes through the site and the extension of the 30mph speed limit on Sampys Hill. Mr Preston said: “The site would represent a considerable addition to the village in terms of scale and the likely increase in population. The site is closely related to the existing built form, running between Sampys Hill and Carlidnack Road and the dwellings would be read in the context of the existing development.” The scheme also includes the provision of a car park to serve the Memorial Hall across the road.