Views sought on Mabe housing plan

Residents have been asked to have their say on a new housing development at Mabe. The plan would see 94 homes and an access road built on land between Treliever Road and the main bypass road from Tremough roundabout. Thirty-seven of the homes will be affordable, made up of a mix of rental and discount sale homes, ranging from one-bedroom flats to three-bed homes clustered together on the site. The development will include parking spaces and a footpath through towards the school.

Speaking at the public consultation, Justin Dodge, MD of CSA Architects said: “This is a chance to listen to what people have to say, gauge interest. The public’s concerns and how controversial it is as a scheme. He said that letters had already been sent out to neighbouring residents. The scheme had already been “tweaked” to take account of some of the feedback they received, including keeping the pathway from Treliever Road to the University. “The day went very well; we had a total of 49 people who attended the event. We were very pleased with the outcome of the day and will incorporate some of the comments that we received into our final scheme.” While no application has been submitted yet, Mr Dodge said that after all the feedback had been received it could be submitted over the next three months.

Some residents have expressed concern, although with some calling the development essentially “infill” one said she was resigned to it being agreed if an application is submitted. One of the major concerns was that in a time when all the public transport had been stripped out of the village, leaving residents facing long walks up steep hills and dangerous road crossings to reach the nearest stop, the addition of 94 new homes was questionable. One resident at the display said: “I just think it is a foregone conclusion but I think it will create some difficulties. I have heard they are taking away all the buses and this adds more people with more cars in an already busy village. If any of them need to use public transport they will have to cross a very busy road.