Villagers seek more say over Homes plan

MAWNAN residents could have greater influence over a planned housing development in the centre of the village.

Architects CSA are drawing up proposals for affordable housing at Goldmartin Field, next to Alanco.

Although details have not been announced, it is expected to include 35 to 40 homes, with a small percentage of open-market properties to fund the affordable ones.

Under the new Localism Act, the parish is creating a neighbourhood plan, setting out general policies.

It also wants to draw up a neighbourhood development order for the Alanco scheme.

Chairman Denis Gartside said: “Unless we take the lead, new housing developments will come to Mawnan under the normal planning process with little input from the community.

“We can’t stop growth; it’s about deciding what we want, where we want it and what that development should look like.”

A steering group of residents has been formed to look at the plan and order before the council formally adopts them, and has worked with landowners and Cornwall Council to secure the Goldmartin site.

The plan was announced at a packed parish council meeting, where residents voiced both support and concern.

A housing needs survey showed there were 40 people requiring affordable properties in the village.

In a previous survey 79 percent of respondents favoured the site for development.

A development order would give the community more say on layout, design materials and possible highway improvements for which the developer could pay through a legal agreement.

There are also plans for a village car park on the site, although it was suggested that it should be created behind the Memorial Hall instead.

The order would be subject to public consultation and a parish referendum.

“If the vote is not in favour, it will go through the normal planning process,” said Mr Gartside.

A public presentation by the developer is due to take place this month, after which the plans would be put on display in the village for three weeks.

In December the draft order will go out to consultation before the vote takes place.