Bickland Water Road, Falmouth



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Westcountry Land & Homes have been working in partnership with Midas Commercial Developments Ltd to promote this site for a mixed use development. Westcountry Land & Homes initially promoted a development for 153 new homes. This planning application was refused against planning officer recommendation in February 2014 and subsequently, the appeal for this scheme was dismissed in February 2015 due to the impact of the scheme on the setting of an adjacent listed church. Undeterred by the appeal decision and encouraged by some of the inspector’s findings within, Westcountry Land & Homes amended the scheme and reduced the scale of the development to 94 dwellings within large areas of green landscaping, making provision to gift the fields immediately adjacent to the church to Falmouth Town Council for much needed cemetery expansion land. Again the planning application received the backing of Cornwall Council’s planning officers but was rejected by the planning committee in January 2016. Again, Westcountry Land & Homes appealed this decision and planning permission was granted by the inspector in August 2016.