Goldmartin Field, Mawnan Smith

Planning permission was refused by Cornwall council on two separate applications but has been subsequently granted permission via a successful planning appeal, granted in March 2015. Construction commenced in July 2016.

The site is located to the west of Mawnan Smith, Cornwall, near the renowned and picturesque Helford Passage. The village is situated approximately 3 miles south of the port of Falmouth on the south coast of Cornwall and there is a substantial need for affordable housing in this high value area. The site is immediately adjacent to the existing village envelope. This site lends itself to create an ‘open village green’ at the heart of any new development, to be in keeping with the character of the existing village. The proposed development will achieve a total of 42 homes, as a cross-subsidy scheme consisting of 21 affordable homes for local people and 21 open market houses, together with a public car park for the village.