Penwinnick Road, St Agnes



Westcountry Land & Homes have submitted a planning application for 38 new homes, including 21 affordable homes, a community convenience store, access and landscaping on an enclosed site, with the front part being included within the defined settlement boundary with the balance of the site being immediately adjacent to the settlement boundary on the south western edge of St Agnes, west of Penwinnick Road. The application site exhibits all of the characteristics to be developed on the basis of the community convenience store and first 4 dwellings being within the settlement boundary and a cross-subsidy rural exception scheme on the balance of the land. The site has direct access off Penwinnick Road and is enclosed on all sides by existing hedgebanks.

The development consists of a mixture of one, two, three and four bedroom houses. All houses are designed to meet and exceed the minimum prescribed national space standards and to be suitable for building for life standards/lifetime homes. There are no apartments within this scheme, even the one bedroom units are self-contained houses. There are a total of 38 dwellings, including 21 affordable and 17 open market homes (55% affordable) plus a small community convenience store, including 231sqm sales area and 114sqm storage, totalling 345sqm. The site measures 3.25 acres, which represents a density of 29 dwellings per hectare and is consistent with the density found in the immediate surrounding area.